NRX1000 1000W fat tire motor for snow ebike

NRX1000 1000W fat tire motor for snow ebike

Short Description:

Nowadays, more and more people want to have an e-bike, especially young people. The snow e-bike is the best choice, and it is very popular in the USA and Canada. We export a large quantity of this 1000w motor each year.

Our advantages: a. Expect the motor, we can also supply the whole set of e-bike conversion kits. If you have a frame, you can install it easily after you receive our products. b. We are a manufacturer, customers can get a competitive price. c. We have mature technology, Superior service. d.A customized product according to your requirements.

  • Voltage(V)



  • Rated Power(W)

    Rated Power(W)


  • Speed(Km/h)



  • Maximum Torque

    Maximum Torque




Core Data Voltage(v) 48
Rated Power(W) 1000
Speed(KM/h) 35-50
 Maximum Torque(N.m) 85
Maximum Efficiency(%)  ≥81
Wheel Size(inch) 20-29
 Gear Ratio 1:5
Pair of Poles 8
Noisy(dB) <50
Weight(kg) 5.8
Working Temperature(°C) -20-45
Spoke Specification 36H*12G/13G
Brakes Disc-brake
Cable Position Left

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Now we will share you the hub motor information.

Hub Motor Complete kits

  • 1000w Hub Motor
  • High Torque
  • High Efficiency
  • Mature Technology
  • After Sales Service
  • Competitive Price High Torque