NFL250 250W front wheel hub motor for electric bicycle

NFL250 250W front wheel hub motor for electric bicycle

Short Description:

With good quality of alloy shell, small size, super light, high efficiency, the NFL250 hub motor could be perfectly matched with an electric City bike. It is equipped with a special ROLLER-BRAKE and shaft structure. Meanwhile, both the silver one and the black one could be optional. It could be used for 20-inch to 28-inch bicycles.

  • Voltage(V)



  • Rated Power(W)

    Rated Power(W)


  • Speed(Km/h)



  • Maximum Torque

    Maximum Torque




Core Data Voltage(v) 24/36/48
Rated Power(w) 180-250
Speed(KM/H) 25-32
Maximum Torqu(N.m) 40
Maximum Efficienc(%) ≥81
Wheel Size(inch) 16-29
Gear Ratio 1:4.43
Pair of Poles 10
Noisy(dB) <50
Weight(kg) 3
Working Temperature(℃) -20-45
Spoke Specification 36H*12G/13G
Brakes Roller-brake
Cable Position Left

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    Hub Motor Complete kits

    • Light weight
    • Mini shape
    • Splendid appearance
    • High efficiency
    • High torque
    • Low noise
    • Waterproof IP65